The Contemporary History of Iran

Part 33: “Shooting the Revolution”

 “Shooting the Revolution – Part 33 of the Roqe Media series, The Contemporary History of Iran. When we think of the Islamic revolution of 1979, what images are engrained in our thoughts? What pivotal moments or snapshots from the chaotic scramble that lead to the triumph of the ayatollahs and the sudden end of the Shah’s rule do we remember best? Interestingly, many of the evocative photographs that have become the most iconic from this moment were all taken by one man: Legendary American photojournalist, David Burnett. The world traveling photographer, Mr. Burnett, author of the , “44 days: Iran and the remaking of the world,” joins Jian Ghomeshi from New York City to discuss his unique eyewitness account of those pivotal 44 days in Iran.
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