Roqe Ep#220 - The Uprising: Dear West - Can you offer more than lip service?

A new edition of Roqe as part of the Uprising series, featuring more powerful Iranian voices from across the diaspora on the ongoing revolution in Iran and the movement for change. Feature guests include: Solmaz Barghgir, live in the Roqe Studio Dr. Kayvan Mirhadi (known as Dr. Kay) in Penfield, NY Parastoo Fatemi in Dusseldorf, Germany Plus, Jian opens the show with an essay entitled, “Dear West: Can you offer more than lip service?” on the lack of direct action by the international community in supporting the Iranian revolution beyond words and symbolic gestures. And, the Roqe Roundtable convenes with regulars Pegah and Shaya and special guest Darya, to discuss the Team Melli exit from the World Cup, the ironic timing of FIFAs announcement regarding allowing protest materials within World Cup stadiums, the rapidly growing number of arrests and executions in Iran, and more …

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